The Higher School Certificate is an important qualification that prepares you for further study and career opportunities.

It's the highest educational award in NSW schools and an internationally recognised credential that provides a foundation for students entering tertiary study, vocational training or employment.

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HSC at Bradfield

Studying your HSC at Bradfield allows you to specialise in the creative industries, study in an adult learning environment and choose from academic or vocational subjects.

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HSC Pathways

Depending on your personal circumstances it may be possible to study the HSC as a pathways student. This is where you take a smaller number of subjects each year over a period of 2-5 years.

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External Students

If you're passionate about the creative industries and want to study a subject not offered at your school come to Bradfield for great courses such as Contemporary Visual Art, Dance,  Multimedia and Software Design and Development.

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English & History

Our English and History faculty is central to study at Bradfield. English connects to all other disciplines and helps develop language, communication, conceptual and analytical skills. 

Our teachers understand the importance of engaging with texts such as film, poetry, novels, websites and drama to provide students with a strong cultural capital which enhance personal growth, vocation, and social interaction. They establish a love of creative and analytical expression across a variety of genres and media.

The English & History faculty has strong connections across the college as we work on multi-disciplinary projects to provide deep and enriched learning. 

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Ancient History

Ancient History enables you to acquire knowledge and understanding, historical…

English Advanced

The English Advanced course is designed to challenge your higher-order…

English Standard

English Standard is designed for students to increase their expertise…

Modern History

Discover the origins of the world we live in. Learn…


Performing Arts

Our faculty encourages you to chase your dreams. We also take great pride in teaching you the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.

The Performing Arts faculty is renowned for their industry expertise. Your teachers are performers, actors, writers, directors, dancers, singers and musicians. They are passionate about passing on their experience to help you express your own art.

With proven HSC results and an impressive alumni network you will also have the opportunity to showcase your talents at  community and college events and at events such as TEDxNorthernSydneyInstitute.

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Dance is an art form that communicates stories and emotions…


Drama is a collaborative art form and you will develop…

Music 1

Share your ideas, experiences and feelings through studying music at…

Music Industry

You will cover performing, composing, recording, music technology and music…



Learn about the four main production areas of staging, lighting,…

Design & Visual Arts

Study with our faculty and you'll learn to develop and enjoy your creativity. Design & Visual Arts is a dynamic industry with lots of opportunities across a range of careers.

We’ll help you explore the design process from concept to creation using the latest technology and inspiring learning spaces.

You'll learn how to develop ideas, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our students are involved in projects across the college and within the arts community.

You'll be taught by artists who exhibit their work regularly and our facilities are based on the makerspace philosophy with digital fabric and 3D printers, embroidery machines, analogue and digital photography and image editing.

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Design & Technology

Explore and develop skills in creative problem solving, project management…

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts you will develop technical skills and creative…


Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Our Science, Technology and Mathematics teachers are dedicated to providing you with meaningful, relevant and innovative learning experiences that prepare you for careers within STEM related industries.

Opportunities are available to study Game Design, Multi-Media Technologies, Mobile App Development, Coding, Science and Medical Technologies, Biology and Mathematics.

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Study the effects of technology and human action on nature…

Mathematics Standard

General Mathematics focuses on mathematical skills and techniques, which have…

Business & Service Industries

Our faculty is focused on equipping students for the commercial world with a wide range of vocational and academic courses.

Our dedicated teachers will help to build your general knowledge and critical thinking while developing skills in research, problem solving and communication. These skills are all transferable in employment and further study. The retail, tourism and events industries are leading employers and offer many different career paths.

Our faculty prides itself on its connections to industry and input to syllabus planning. Students will be involved in multi disciplinary projects across all faculties providing real world experiences  to enrich their HSC study.

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Business Studies

Business Studies helps you learn to think critically about the…

Legal Studies

Legal Studies enables students to have confidence in approaching and…


In Personal Development, Health & Physical Education you will explore…

Society & Culture

Society and Culture encourages students to develop responsible values and…

Student Development Unit

Our team of dedicated tutorial staff and extensive resources will help you achieve your best.

We focus on your holistic development and take into account your individual needs to make sure you receive the right support such as:

  • individual help
  • a group study session
  • some quiet space to get your work done.

Our faculty manages the Industry Experience program which will help you achieve your career goals, beyond the HSC. We are experienced in career planning and development and together we will plan your career path, provide support for your personal growth and help you develop the interpersonal skills that will make a big difference in your future study or job.


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Career Preparation

The Certificate II Career Preparation is delivered in conjunction with…