Postcards - Your Postcode

What is it? This task is suitable for artists and writers alike. There is an opportunity for both creative writing and art-making – simple, complex and everywhere in between. For teachers, we will include a PowerPoint and a more detailed description of the writing task.

How do I get involved? 

Compose a vignette about your suburb.
Use the following prompts to compose your vignette – write one sentence for each of the prompts:

  • Describe the weather
  • Describe a sound
  • Describe an object
  • Update the weather
  • Describe an object that you see
  • Update the sound.
  • Using the object described in the third prompt, write something about the mood of the scene
  • Describe an action or a movement using the object
  • Describe a physical trait of a local character in the scene.
  • End with a single line of dialogue.

Click here for a printable PDF handout explaining how to be involved in Postcards.

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