From STEM at Bradfield to Games Design

What subjects did you study at Bradfield?

I studied Multimedia, Software Design and Development, Information Digital Technology (Game Development), Maths and English.

What was your favourite subject?

My favourite subject was definitely Information Digital Technology. It involved all things I was interested in and the STEM staff (specifically Felicity and Peter) were not just our teachers, but also our friends. We always had great back and forths and Peter definitely helped me get through a fair bit.

Did any of the subjects you studied help you decide to do Games Design or did you always know that’s what you wanted to do?

Information Digital Technology, Maths, Software and Multimedia certainly helped me decide what I wanted to do. These subjects helped me realise that I can do the logic and routine part of development while also just having fun with it and making what I wanted. Not just what a curriculum told me to.

Did you get an ATAR? And was that important to you?

I did get an ATAR, the actual mark wasn't important to me, but the fact that I got it was very important to me personally and I think professionally too.

Are you enjoying Games Design?

My course is going great. I'm making things I'm proud of and learning at a pace I'm happy with. Bradfield definitely helped me gain a great understanding to how adult learning environments work and what is expected. It also just helped me remove that barrier between 'teacher and student' that was so prominent at my older school. Which really helped us all personally.