A Berry (Island) good project

The students involved in the Berry Island Project have been inspired by the Aboriginal culture and wildlife surrounding the area to create artworks. We will be following students Georgia, Kaitlyn and Tegan through their progress as they embark on this exciting development in their artistic careers.

For many students, this is the first time they will be exhibiting their work to the general public. As part of the process, students will be learning the organisational skills that are essential to planning and hosting such an exhibit. This opportunity also gives the young artists a sample of what it’s like to be in the professional art world.

“I’m used to creating my own art in my own time, but now we have deadlines and rules”, Kaitlyn explains, “It’s giving me a taste of what it’s like in the professional art scene.” Kaitlyn is eager to work on a larger scale, and the opportunity to raise awareness and educate people about the Aboriginal history that is ingrained in Berry Island.

Georgia is also keen to create works inspired by traditional Aboriginal carvings and the wildlife that is found on the island, “It’s important to raise awareness about Berry Island so we can preserve it for future generations.”  

Through their involvement in the Vivid Ideas project, students are able to use this platform to make a name for themselves in the art world, through the sale of their art at the markets held during the event.

For these young artists, this journey of personal expression, delving into the art world and understanding what goes on for real artist in the real world, is an exciting new step in their careers.