Tuesday Top Tip #3 - Keep your eyes on the prize

At this stage, you might feel like it’s been a long 11 – 12 years of school. You might be over it (if you are come and talk to us). Don’t let stress about exams or wanting to ‘just get it done’ get in the way of achieving your best result.

Do you want to go to TAFE? Do you want to get into Uni? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to earn a wage? Do you want to travel? Take a moment to think about where you see yourself in 5 years’ time. The HSC is a stepping stone to that place.

“Knowing that the HSC is only a small part of your life and you should give it your best shot: It's important to try and get a perspective that the rest of your life is only a short HSC away. School certainly does not last forever. So I think it is a wise move to put a few things on hold for the year, as there will be plenty of parties, holidays, boyfriends and girlfriends to come after this tiny little year flies by.”

Adam Martinic, Alumni 2015, currently studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

You have hopes and dreams and the HSC is one part of those - don’t lose sight of why it is you are sitting your exams and the bright future that is ahead of you.

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