Tuesday Top Tip #2 - Learn how you learn

Learn how you learn

It’s an odd half sentence, but a great sentiment. What we are saying is not everybody learns the same way. It is the basic premise of what Bradfield is about. You are all individuals and learning and study styles will differ from person to person.
What kind of learner are you? 


Read your notes, record your voice and listen back (yes your voice does sound like that!). Or read your notes out loud in a study group. This is a great way to get feedback, discuss points and learn other perspectives from your peers.

Read & write

This one is self-explanatory. You like reading and writing and you work best when you take lots of notes in class. If you learn like this it is a great idea to take notes, but to rewrite these in your own words, using your own concepts. 


If you are consistently doodling course work in class or love an infographic then chances are you are a visual learner.
Look at this amazing sketch note our teacher Andrew did for the Vivid Ideas event. This helped him – and all of us – distil the masses of information we learnt into an easy to understand story.

If you dream of all your notes being like this you are a visual learner! 

Thanks to @MisterAOY for the sketchnote


You learn by doing. This might include role-playing or actually creating something related to your coursework. For example, if you are studying Software Design and Development, you might try to create software solutions rather than simply reading about them.
The point is – there is no right or wrong in learning. As long as you are making the effort and staying consistent you are on the right path.

Take this quiz to find your learning style!