Willoughby City Council & Bradfield Community Day

What’s a College to do when the rain sets in? 
Well, we could have hosted an Outreach Day with Willoughby Council, so we did!

The purpose of today was for Council and other services (such as headspace, the NSW Police Force, Phoenix House, Mission Australia & more) to connect directly with the Bradfield community said John Woodward, Youth Services Team Leader for Willoughby Council.

All the services on site today provide amazing resources and support for our youth community and we were very pleased to see our students taking advantage of access to these. 

They were able to participate in a focus group, the results of which will establish the needs for the youth community in the Willoughby Council area.

In addition to the vital engagement aspect there was a delicious sausage sizzle, rides and voucher prizes awarded.

"The best part of my job is engaging with the community. When you see a young person struggling in some way and they come good – it’s heartwarming," said Mr Henderson.

We encourage parents and teenagers to connect with Willoughby Council and the Chatswood Youth Centre – they can provide advice on accommodation, education, job seeker training, numeracy and literacy training, translation services, mental health and other health services, relationship counselling, Centrelink and more.